Electro-Voice EV MA-1212 - AUDIO MIXER AMPLIFIER - prof. quality

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For Sale: Tested and working commercial quality rack mountable combo mixer and amplifier. Working 100%, nice and clean. Lots of high end features.

Good sound quality and tested with both LowZ and condensor microphones - see video below taken during testing. Optional phantom power for mics working correctly. All controls and functions are working as they should. No hum or static. Takes XLR or 1/4" plug microphones. 10 channels plus two aux. inputs.

Video taken during testing: https://youtu.be/sbAqoa1q08M

From the web:

Electro-Voice 500577000 Overview

The Electro-Voice MA-1212 is a 12-input mixer and amplifier designed for fixed installation application in retail stores, medical offices, schools, fitness facilities and any business that requires an amplifier to supply multiple speakers in various locales. The MA-1212 features 12 inputs with the first 10 capable of microphone and line level signal using XLR / 1/4" phone combination connectors. Stereo auxiliary line inputs feature L/R phono connectors and accommodate CD players and other playback devices. A paging microphone input automatically attenuates other channels while in use. Speaker outputs are located on a barrier strip and 25V, 70V and 100V outputs are provided for flexible installation in multiple speaker situations. The front panel reveals comprehensive tone and volume control for easy operation.

120 Watt Operation

The MA-1212 provides 120-watts of power at 25, 70 and 100 Volts.

12 Inputs

Inputs 1 through 10 provide microphone and line level signal via XLR and 1/4" combination connectors.

Channel 1 Priority

The first channel is capable of muting other channels when signal is present.

Paging Microphone Input

Paging microphone input automatically attenuates all open channels when used.

25, 70 and 100 Volt Operation

Barrier strip connections feature 25, 70 and 100V speaker output terminals.

Stereo Auxiliary Input

Stereo Auxiliary input features L/R phono connections for CD players and play back devices.

Additional high resolution photos may be available, contact for more information.

Email me your zipcode + city for a shipping quote- should be between $13.99 and $29.99 if you are in the United States. (Jan. 2022).


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