Ibanez TBX30R - ELECTRIC GUITAR AMPLIFIER - amp working well

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For Sale: Good quality combo amp with excellent sound.

Included are a high quality guitar cable and a Korg CA chromatic digital tuner, both tested.

Working 100% and very little wear. No hum or distortion (unless you want some distortion). All features and sounds are working correctly. Both dirty and clean channel are good and so are there indicator lights. Real spring reverb sounds great. Speaker is original custom Ibanez 60 watt 8 ohm 10" model IS1008G.


The Ibanez TBX30R Guitar Combo Amp has features that outdo many amps this size. The Tone Blaster Xtreme is not a stripped down, bare bones practice amp. Featuring 2 switchable channels and a 3-band EQ with parametric midrange that is common to both channels, you get more control with less knob turning. Built-in reverb, a 1/4" CD/MP3 Input Jack and a 1/4" Headphones/Record Out Jack make this 23-lb., 30-watt combo one of a guitarist's best companions.


  • 30 Watts with 10" Speaker
  • Two Switchable Channels
  • 3 Band Active EQ with Parametric Midrange Common to Both Channels
  • Reverb
  • 1/4" CD/MP3 Input Jack
  • 1/4" Headphones/Record Out Jack
  • Channel and Reverb Footswitch Jack
  • Open Back Cabinet
  • 17.4"W x 16.2"H x 8.7"D
  • Weight: 23 lbs.

Additional higher resolution photos available on request.

Send your zip code and city for a ship quote- should be between $13.99 and $28.99 if you are in the continental USA. (Jan. 2023).


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