Aeroggarden Havest - LED LIGHT HYDROPONIC GROW SYSTEM - tested


For Sale: Tested and working hydroponic / aeroponic automated grow system. AeroGarden Harvest model 100640-WHT Indoor Herb Vegetable Hydroponic Garden.

Very clean.

No seed pods are included so you will have to purchase or improvise some. All LED lights are working correctly, pump works (checked with water), timer works, all controls good, very little wear, no issues. Looks like it was probably used for one "season" than packed up. This unit has lots of white, red, and blue LED lights that should last 10 times (or longer) than the old style florescent lights do. Basic instructions are available online.

You could also remove the hydroponic tray and just use this for regular plants in pots with dirt. The telescoping light fixture extends extra high with this system so you could grow much larger plants than you could with other versions of the Areogarden I have seen.

Areogarden overcharges on all their refill supplies but you can make your own if you are even a little bit handy, or purchase third party seed pods and medium and nutrients. If I were using this I would make little seed pod holder "nests" out of galvanized wire, buy Rockwool grow medium off ebay, pull it loosely apart and put in pods, place seeds in pods, cover with plastic to keep humidity in until seeds sprout.  For nutrients I would use regular hydroponic nutrients or even any 20/20/20 water soluble fertilizer as long as it has trace elements in it- probably the right amount would be between one teaspoon and one tablespoon per gallon but you would have to experiment or look online for more info. If using hydroponic nutrients just follow the instructions on packaging. Then if growing a flowering plant switch over to "bloom" nutrient for flowering stage which is lower in nitrogen.  Flush out and replace all the water ever few weeks. You will pay a fraction of what Aerogarden charges and might even get better results.

Additional high resolution photos available, contact for details.

Email me your zip code and city for ship quote- should be between $10.99 and $19.99 if you are in the lower 48 USA states. (April 2021).


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