Makeblock programable - MBOT RANGER - 3 in 1 educational robot


For Sale: Super high quality STEM robot vehicle kit, fully tested and working perfectly.

I downloaded the free desktop apps and hooked this up to my computer via included USB cable, played around with the code for a bit, tested everything. It worked flawlessly and is very clean. Motors run smoothly, all LED lights are working, no issues.

Uses 6 standard AA batteries.

More info here:

mBot Ranger integrates six types of sensor including: Light sensor, Temperature sensor, Sound sensor, Ultrasonic sensor, Line Follower sensor and Gyroscope. This broad range of sensors allows Ranger to perform a variety of functions including data collection, line following and obstacle avoidance. 

mBot Ranger is an advanced version of mBot, that comes with 3 preset forms, for three times the fun! From construction and operation through to programming, Ranger allows children to receive STEAM education in a simple and fun way. Ranger also gets children started on robot programming, advancing with them as they grow and develop their problem solving abilities.

mBot Ranger includes approximately 100 mechanical parts and electronic modules. There are 3 preset forms: the tank-like Off-road Land Raider, the three-wheel racing car Dashing Raptor, and the Self-balancing Nervous Bird. No matter whether it’s a muddy track or a challenging arena, mBot Ranger can conquer any terrain.

There are two ways in which you can direct Ranger without the need for programming. 1. Open the Makeblock App. With one click you can use the remote control driving function, voice control or the “Draw and Run” function. 2. Use the Makeblock Bluetooth Remote Controller to control Ranger. There are 15 buttons and 2 joysticks, making its operation smooth and easy. Positive experiences operating the robot can help children form a bond with Ranger quickly, and further stimulate their interest in programming.

The mBlock Blockly App integrates block-based programming knowledge into a game with lots of enjoyable levels. It features a guide called Mr. Panda, who shows the child how to program their remote control Ranger, and guides them through each game level. At each stage they can unlock new knowledge points and thus gradually master programming skills.

Want to learn more complex skills? Try mBlock 5 (PC). Simply drag and combine command modules like building blocks to control the movements of Ranger. You can also switch to Ardunio C[1] text-based programming with one click, to continue advancing your skills. If you want to wirelessly link Ranger to your computer, you can use the Makeblock Bluetooth Dongle to speed up the programming.

Additional higher resolution photos are available, contact for more info.

Email me your zip code and city for ship quote- should be between $9.99 and $17.99 if you are in the USA. (Nov. 2021).


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