Astron RS-35M - 12 VOLT 25 AMP POWER SUPPLY - ham radio bench


For Sale:  Tested and working mint condition power supply.

Output is 13.8 VDC. 25 amps continuous duty cycle. Made in the USA.

Has Volts and Amps VU meter both working great. Includes heavy duty leads and power cord.  Great for ham radio or any circumstance where you need 12 volts at very high amperage. It was previously used to power a $30,000 church organ for the past 20 years so it was probably only used once or twice a week for a few hours at the most.

Additional higher resolution photos are available, contact for more info.

Email me your zip code and city for ship quote- should be between $11.99 and $24.99 if you are in the USA. (Nov. 2021).


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