Anmeate - BABY VIDEO MONITOR - wireless, color LCD, 2 way audio


For Sale:  This is a mint condition wireless video monitor made mainly for use as a baby monitor but has other uses as well.

Could be a door monitor, security camera, etc.

The camera is model SM24TX. It has a built in speaker, microphone, and temperature sensor. It is powered by the included AC adapter. It can play back several "lullabye' melodies which are controlled by the video monitor. Note that the sound quality is not the greatest but two way audio DOES work and is usable. It's kind of "echoey"

The receiver has a built in microphone, speaker, color LCD screen, and controls. It and can run off the built in LiIon battery and/or the included AC adapter charger.

The range on this is quite good. It's rated 900' and should be able to go through a wall or two or three as well. Everything works correctly.

Additional higher resolution photos are available on request.

Send your zip code and city for a ship quote- should be between $5.99 and $8.99 if you are in USA. (Nov. 2022).


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