Velox Passatutto Rigamonti - TOMATO PRESS STRAINER - new in box

Price :

For Sale: High quality Italian made tomato press will separate the skin and seeds from the juice and pulp.

This is brand new, never used, very clean. Includes original box. Super high quality and incredibly easy to use. Just put quartered or halved tomatoes in the top, turn the handle, and repeat. After you get a big pile of skins and seeds run them through the unit a few more times to extract the maximum yield.

I use an identical one of these every year to make sauce from my extra tomatoes. The suction cup bottoms of these have a very firm hold on any flat and smooth surface. The design and quality of construction is very good. Heavy duty material. Works great. It's takes some time and effort to make a big batch but it's worth it, cooks down to perfect sauce every time.

Email for additional higher resolution photos.

Send your zip code for shipping cost estimate - should be between $6.99 and $11.99 if you are in the US. (Nov. 2018).


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