Pogoplug EO2- LINUX COMPUTER SERVER Arch Linux, SSH access, LAMP

Price :

For Sale: This is a Pogoplug model EO2 that has been set up as a Linux server.

Comes with bootable external USB hard drive with 80gb IDE hard drive in it. Boots quickly to Arch Linux and have installed Apache, PHP 7, MySQL. Also installed is Webmin control panel and PHPMyAdmin. User root, password root, sudo user alarm, password alarm.

If don't want or need the external hard drive and want to save on shipping I can instead include a 2gb SD card and SD card reader that is bootable. It has Arch installed on it but there is not enough room for the complete LAMP install. See last photo- the 16gb USB stick is not included.

This unit will only boot and have SSH access if there is a USB boot drive plugged in, was not able to access SSH without USB boot drive- there may be a workaround but was not able to find it.

More info:

Currently set up as a LAMP server and has a demo website in /var/html which you can access by typing in the IP address (probably something like after you plug into your router. I also installed the Webmin control panel and PHPMyAdmin. You can also set this up as a media server and lots of other things. The EO2 model uses ARM CPU and has 256mb RAM, most other models have only 128mb RAM.

Include original box, a power cord, ethernet cable, external hard drive, hard drive power supply, and USB cable. Note you will not be able to use this Pogoplug with the "free lifetime service" cloud platform anymore as far as I know. Not that you could before anyway due to Pogoplug's crappy cloud service. Even if you buy one of these E02 models today brand new/sealed you won't be able to activate it or access SSH at all.

Plug in up to 4 USB hard drives, flash drives, etc. Access terabytes of storage on your own personal ultra low power server. Great way to learn linux, web hosting, and server administration.  Set up as a SAMBA server, NAT storage, AirPlay, SqueezeLite Player, Squeezebox, Plex Media Server, BitTorrent Sync, Motion Web Cam, OpenVPN, Transmission, Sabnzbd, SickBeard and CouchPotato, etc.  More info here: http://blog.qnology.com/2013/03/tutorial-pogoplug-e02-with-arch-linux.html

All screenshots are from the actual Linux installation.

Email for additional higher resolution photos.

 Send your zip code for shipping quote- should be between $7.99 and $15.99 if you are in continental USA. (Jan. 2018).



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