CTS 1973 - 10 INCH MUSICAL INSTRUMENT SPEAKERS -16 ohm, hi power

Price :

For Sale: Two rare seamed cone 10" speakers for guitar, bass, keyboard, amps, sound reinforcement, etc.

One looks like it had the seam of the cone reglued or something and the cone is a bit wavy near seam, still sounds fine to me. See photos for details. Priced accordingly. Both are CTS made in USA. They weigh alomost 7 pounds each.

I got approx. 13 ohms DCR and am sure they are rated 16 ohm impedance. Wire them in parallel for use with any amp that calls for 8 ohm impedance. Excellent sound quality. Seamed cones have no rips, tears, holes, or voice coil rub. Oversize ceramic magnets. They have treated paper accordion style surrounds. Not sure of power rating but would guess at least 50 watt/16 ohm which is enough to make your ears bleed if installed in a right cabinet.

Made by CTS Chicago Telephone Supply Company in USA in 1973.

Email for additional and/or higher resolution photos.

Send zip code for ship quote- should be between $8.99 and $18.99 if you are in the continental U.S. (May 2017).


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