DuPont Radionic Co. - VARIOUS VINTAGE CAPACITORS - vintage 60's


For Sale: Caps are $1.00 each. Various values starting around .004 mfd and up. The following values are listed separately at different prices: .02, .015, .01, .025, .06, and a few others.

The organ these came from had issues but worked and sounded pretty good. Other components from organ had date codes of 1961 so assume these caps are from around the same year. Most are marked American Radionic Co. Inc., Mylar Stablized, DuPont Registered Trade Mark.

Don't have a cap tester so not sure how close to spec these are. Email me your want list and zip code, will see if I have, and will quote you a price.

Email for additional and/or higher resolution images.

Shipping cost will vary, starting around $2.99. (Nov. 2017).


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