Sonor Force 1001 - 5 PIECE DRUM SET - bass, toms, snare drumset

Price :

For Sale:  Selling a decent quality classic "entry level" drum kit. I think they were made in the early 2000's.

AFAIK these are all original except 4 of the top heads which have been changed to Remo WeatherKing. The bottom heads are all marked Sonor. I don't see any damaged/broken parts except the bottom head of the snare has a small tear in it with tape over it.

No extra hardware or pedal included except the high quality adjustable Sonor tom tom holder and a CB snare stand which currently has a stripped screw or bolt and won't lock the legs in place, will try to find replacement but if not you will be able to jury rig something pretty easily even if it's just a metal hose clamp or some duct tape which would do the trick. The bass drum did not come with stabilizing legs so you will have to make some or purchase - saw the original Sonor online auction for around $25, generic ones start at about $11 with free shipping.

These have not been cleaned up at all, can use a little cleaning. Some minor wear but don't look like they were abused, or even used much. They definitely need to be tuned up and adjusted as some of the heads look a bit loose.

From the web:
The Force 1001 stage kit is a very well-build drumset and an excellent value for what I had paid. The kit came in Reflex Silver, which has a bit of sparkle to it under stage lights.

The sizes, 12, 13, 16 inch toms, 14" snare and 22" inch kick are the standard "rock" sizes that have been in vogue for over twenty years.

...the hardware is functional, especially the tom mounts, which include the omniball system for excellent placement of the rack toms.

The overall sound is very good, especially the kick and the snare. The bassdrum just thumps with the EMAD system installed, and the snare has a very throaty crack, with a great deal of sensitivity.

The shells on the kit are 9-ply basswood, which give a fundamentally low to midrange tone. The snare is metal.

Email for additional and/or higher rez photos.

LOCAL PICKUP ONLY IN 08610 ZIP CODE, Central New Jersey (Sept. 2019).


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