For Sale: Tested and working electronic LOUD NOISE cancelling headsets in like new mint condition. Best for use on a shooting range, hunting, or anywhere you need to be able to hear what's going on around you but don't want to damage your ears from loud noises.

Includes zipper case in mint shape, instructions (minor wear), and cable for connecting an MP3 player, phone, radio, etc. Takes two standard AAA batteries. If you put these on without the power turned on they pretty much block out all sounds. When you turn the power on you can hear normally in stereo, or if you turn the volume up you can have super sensitive "bionic" hearing. It's pretty amazing to experience. They will block any loud noise like gunshots from getting through to your ears or anything over 90db.

Not sure if these were ever used except for testing by me. They fold up easily to fit in compact case.

Additional higher resolution photos may be available, contact for details.

Email me your zip code and city for a ship quote - should be between $6.99 and $9.99 if you are in the continental USA. (August 2020).


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