1980's Nikko/Sears LOBO AIRLIFT HOVERCRAFT, radio control RC

Price :

For Sale- Hovercraft has been tested and works correctly except fan is louder than expected.

Rare 1/18 scale R/C hovercraft complete in original box, mint or near mint shape. Hovers, moves, and steers correctly. Includes original instructions, box top in pretty nice shape, and styrofoam packing. No cardboard box bottom, not sure if it came with bottom when new. This did not originally come with battery pack but now includes a standard Tyco 9.6 volt pack and charger. Was holding a charge when last tested a few months ago but battery included as-is. This is a rare toy probably only made to be distributed by Sears.

There are similarities with Nikko's Pirate hovercraft but plenty of differences too.If you can find out why the fan is loud and resolve the issue you will have not only a near mint collectible display piece but a great working piece as well.

Send your zip code for shipping quote- should be between $8.99 and $15.99 if you are in the continental US (May 2013).


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