Olympia DeLuxe SM8 - MANUAL TYPEWRITER - made W. Germany, good


For Sale: classic 1960's manual typewriter with original case.

The typewriter works well- check second listing photo to see what the type looks like. Serial number is 3027431 which should date it to 1966. I believe this is a model SM-8 but not an expert, could be a model SM-9, 7, etc. so please do your own research if this is important to you. All the keys are working as they should, none get stuck. Carriage advance margin settings are working correctly. Ribbon advance is working. The bell rings at the end of the page. Carefully checked and no issues found.

The ribbon is usable but print is a bit faint. You should be able to re-ink it (have read you can use "stamp pad ink") or just purchase a new ribbon as they are readily available online and not expensive. This typewriter can use multi color ribbons so you could get one with red and black if you wanted.

Shows some minor wear as seen in photos, not bad. The case is 100% solid but has some cosmetic issues, could be cleaned up some but not necessary.

Additional high resolution photos available, contact for details.

Email me your zip code and city for a shipping quote - should be between $9.99 and $23.99 if you are in the United States. (November 2020).


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