1970's Ludwig drum MARCHING SNARE TOM, wood, all original


For Sale:  Older drum which I believe is called a "marching snare tom".  Made in USA.

About 14" in diameter and about 11" deep.   Appears to be all original- blue/olive Ludwig label indicates 1970's manufacture.  Chrome hardware all marked Ludwig.  Heads seem to be in good usable condition- top is marked Ludwig Rockers Silver Dot clear, bottom white head marked Ludwig.   The snare adjustment assembly is apparently missing a bolt or something, or maybe is attached incorrectly because it does not tighten the metal ribbon pieces on the bottom when turned. Snare effect is still working.

Email for additional/higher resolution photos.

Send your zip code for ship cost - should be between $9.99 and $19.99 if you are in the continental USA (listed Feb. 2014).


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