1970's internal LESLIE TREMOLO SPEAKER ASSEMBLY - w/10" speaker


For Sale: Tested and working single speed Leslie assembly removed from a Lowrey C500 organ made in USA around 1977.

Unlike 99% of the internal Leslie units I come across this one uses a 10" driver instead of an 8". The driver is original and was made by Pyle. Large ceramic magnet indicates it will have higher power capabilty, not sure exactly how high but my guess would be in the 50 watt range. The 8" Jensen drivers were usually rated around 25 watts. I got approx. 7 ohms DCR on my meter and am sure it is rated 8 ohm impedance.

Part number of assembly is 984-026339. Sound quality is excellent, motor is smooth, no issues. Am including a solid state motor control that allows you to somewhat adjust the speed of the motor by turning dial- doesn't work at the slowest speeds with this paticular motor but does give you some control between medium and the fastest speeds.

Runs on 120 volt AC standard house current. Add your own cabinet and use for keyboards, guitar, vocals, bass, etc. and get that classic Leslie dopler effect.

Please email for additional/higher resolution photos.

Send me your zip code for shipping quote- should be between $14.99 and $29.99 if you are in the continental US. (November 2015).


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