Sega Master System SMS - VIDEO GAME SYSTEM -w/8 boxed games, gun

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For Sale:  Extra nice condition vintage classic SMS Sega Master System. Has just been cleaned and tested- working excellent, only minor issue is that the "Reset" button does not have any spring action and is not making contact. Might be an easy fix but since you can use the Power button to restart a game decided to leave it alone.

The console is one of the nicest have come across- it's very clean. Includes one original SMS controller, one generic controller in mint shape, Sega Phaser light gun, original Sega RF video adapter, and original Sega power supply.

Don't have a CRT monitor or rear projector TV to test the Light Phaser but have no reason to think it won't work correctly.

 - Shooting Gallery

 - Hang On & Safari Hunt (on one cartridge)

 - Choplifer

 - After Burner

 - Out Run

 - Pro Wrestling

 - Great Baseball

Email if you want to view additional/higher resolution photos.

Email me your zip code for a shipping cost estimate - should be between $10.99 and $19.99 if you're located in the continental USA.  (November 2019).


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