Toshiba 32SL410u - FLAT SCREEN TV - 32" w/original remote tested

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For Sale: Tested and working 32" flat screen TV in nice shape.

Fully checked the ATSC digital tuner and has good reception of free over the air digital HD stations. HDMI input was checked with Bluray player and the picture quality is great. Built in speaker sound excellent.

No issues, only a little bit of wear- top right rear plastic has a small chip in it that is hard to notice, causes no problems. Screen has no apparent misfiring or bad pixels. Remote control is original Toshiba model and all buttons and features working correctly.


When you're ready to step up to an LED television, the SL410U LED HDTV series is ready for you. Infused with legendary Toshiba quality and reliability, these versatile sets dish out excellent sound, along with dazzling imagery in 720p. And they feature a handsome ultraslim profile suitable for a kitchen, bedroom, kids' room or living room. Sit back and savor a better picture--even in low light conditions--with our exclusive DynaLight backlighting control, which boosts image depth and detail. View pics from your camera, or enjoy music from your MP3 player, through a built-in USB port. And create simplified home theater with two HDMI-CEC* ports.


Ultra-Slim Depth Design

Through "elegant minimalism," this TV offers style and sophistication that complements the decor of most any room, without overpowering it.

720p Resolution

Many times better than the standard-def quality you may be used to, the 720p HD output on this TV adds tremendous clarity to your favorite programs, movies and games.

LED Technology

Driven by LED backlight technology, this TV displays images using liquid crystal illumination like traditional LCD models. But unlike LCD TVs, the LED backlight is made of several light-emitting diodes (LEDs). The result is a picture offering deeper blacks, brighter whites and vivid colors.

60Hz Refresh Rate

A measure of how often images on your Toshiba HDTV screen are "redrawn" each second, a 60Hz refresh rate ensures you'll enjoy great picture quality for the money. 


Adding intensity to blacks and selectively reducing the intensity of highlight areas, DynaLight gives the TV picture a more balanced, true-to-life appearance. It utilizes advanced histogram technology to monitor the brightness of each video frame and automatically adjust backlight intensity based on what's being shown. This allows for numerous levels of control, and can create dynamic contrast many times what you'd normally get. The result is a powerful picture with deep blacks for increased detail and incredible depth.

Native Mode

Many TV broadcasts, movies and other content are produced in standard-def 480i and 480p or high-def 720p. Depending on the show or your preferences, there are times when you may not want your Toshiba TV to automatically upconvert those signals. Native Mode lets you easily take control. Activated, it displays the image edges many sets lose to normal over-scanning.

Gaming Mode

Lets you enjoy hair-trigger action on your Toshiba TV with a special setting that reduces game controller delay.

HDMI with CEC*

Technology that enables you to easily connect to high-definition video and immersive surround sound in one cable, and control like-equipped home theater components with one remote control.

USB with Music and Photo

Easily connect to your favorite music and photos via USB.

PC Input

Allows you to easily connect a PC to your Toshiba TV for a bigscreen viewing experience.

Email for additional and/or higher resolution photos.

Send your zip code for a ship quote- should be between $14.99 and $34.99 if you are in U.S.A. (June 2018).



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