Kenwood JL-507 - WOOFER SPEAKERS - drivers, parts, tested


For Sale: Two bass drivers removed from a set of Kenwood JL-507 stereo speakers.

These are marked Kenwood T10-0781-05.

These work well and have good sound quality. No rips, tears, holes, or voice coil rubbing. Surrounds are treated textile type which should last a long time.  I got about 5 ohms DC resistance on my meter.  As shown in photos one driver's cone is in cosmetically poor condition with some stains and the dust cap has been pushed in. Sonically I can't tell the difference between the two so the cosmetics don't effect the sound quality.

Additional higher resolution photos are available, contact for more info.

Email me your zip code and city for ship quote- should be between $8.99 and $13.99 if you are in the USA. (Nov. 2021).


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