Denon TU-750S - AM FM STEREO TUNER - great reception, tested

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For Sale: Tested and working classic digital Denon tuner. Made in Japan early 1980's.

Minor cosmetic wear only, front faceplate near mint shape. Works 100% and gets excellent reception on both FM, FM stereo, and AM bands. Bright display. Good save station memory.

Video taken during testing:

Following info found online for the TU-750 model:

Form AM/FM tuner
Received frequency 76.1MHz - 89.9MHz
Antenna terminal 75ohm, 300ohm (terminal type)
Practical speed 0.9 microvolt / 10.2dBf
S/N50dB sensitivity stereo: 15.8 microvolts / 35.2dBf 
mono: 1.5 microvolts / 14.2dBf 
(microvolt is 75-ohm o'clock and 0dBf is 10-15W (new IHF standard).)
Image disturbance ratio 80dB
IF disturbance ratio 90dB(76MHz)
Spurious response 90dB(83MHz)
AM oppression ratio (IHF) 55dB
The degree of effective selection 60dB (±400kHz)
Capture ratio 1.0dB
Frequency response 20Hz-15kHz+0.2 -1 dB
Signal to noise ratio stereo:75dB 
THD (1kHz) stereo: 0.08% (at the time of 90% abnormal conditions) 
mono: 0.06% (at the time of 100% abnormal conditions)
Stereo separation 55dB(1kHz)
Muting operation level 22dB
Output voltage 0.6V (at the time of 100% abnormal conditions)
<AM tuner part>
Received frequency 522-1611kHz
Antenna A terminal type, loop form antenna attachment
Practical speed (S/N20dB) 18 microvolts
The degree of selection 50dB (±9kHz)
Signal to noise ratio 55dB
THD 0.6%(1kHz)
Output voltage 0.2V (at the time of 30% abnormal conditions)
<Level check signal>
Frequency 440Hz sine wave
Output voltage 0.3V (at the time of 50% abnormal conditions)
Power source AC100V, 50Hz/60Hz
Power consumption 6W
Dimensions (a knob, a base, a terminal included) Width 434x height 66x depth of 266mm
Weight 3.1kg

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