Blaupunkt Verona- DETROITER STEREO CONSOLE - w/PE 66 turntable


For Sale: Unrestored and untampered with vintage 1960's vacuum tube powered Blaupunkt-Super Verona "Detroiter" stereo console No. 10103 with Perpetuum-Ebner PE 66 turntable/record player. Made in Germany.

This is a tube powered console and it is in working condition- tunes in FM radio stations well and sound quality is pretty good. The bass and treble controls are working- all the controls including volume can use cleaning with contact cleaner to remove the scratchiness when adjusted. The back of the console has "20103" on it but all the paperwork has "10103".

I didn't hear any stations on SW or AM but I didn't really try to tune anything in, they may or may not be working. After looking at the back now I see it's possible the AM/SW antenna were not hooked up which might explain it.

The turntable has dual flip type stylus for LP rpm and another for 78 rpm. Both seem to be working correctly and sound quality was decent with my test record. See video taken during testing. The turntable speed currently only seems to work on 45RPM and the automatic features need adjustment as it will just continue to cycle the tonearm over and over again. Can be played by placing the tonearm manually. Auto return and shutoff seem to be working.

The Magic Eye green tuner tube seems to be working correctly.

All the speakers seem to be working correctly but not checked that carefully. I definitely hear the distinctive highs of working tweeters and these may be there may be electrostatic tweeters in this console as many German ones of this type had them. No promises, do your research if it is important to you.

The console is solid with some nicks and scratches although no real damage is evident.

Issues: the "Off" button has a small hole in it as shown in photos, works fine. Some dust and dirt on the radio front and the turntable- I did not clean up at all. Turntable issues. Minor cabinet wear.

EXTRAS: Includes original paperwork including the Instructions which have "Detroiter" on it but it looks like it was covered over after printing, maybe they had second thoughts about the name. There is a schematic and alignment paper. The PE 66 operation instruction pamphlet. Unused external speaker jack connectors. A light bulb- probably dial lite. A fuse. An apparently new boxed Philips bulb for the internal cabinet lights. Two fuses. There are also some vintage handwritten notes that came with this in German (probably) from previous owner that may or may not have something to do with the console.

A video was taken to show working condition of the radio and turntable:

Sold as-is for restoration or even for parts if you need them. Pickup 08610 zip code in NJ right near Trenton- about 60 miles from NYC and 40 from Philly.

Additional higher resolution photos available, contact for more information.

Too large to ship, local pickup central NJ 08610 zip code only. (July 2021).

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