Apple iPod Shuffle - 2ND GENERATION MP3 PLAYER - w/earbuds, char

Price :

For Sale:  Tested and working classic iPod Shuffle.

Includes a set of genuine Apple earbuds- think these are from an iPhone or later iPod as they have a volume control and microphone on the cable which this model does not use. Excellent sound quality and nice and clean. The iPod shows some minor wear but works perfectly and battery is holding a good charge- when you turn the switch on the light turns green momentarily to show good battery charge.

Includes original Apple charging base for USB charging and syncing. There is a bunch of music on the player you are welcome to enjoy or erase.

Email for additional higher resolution photos.

Email your zip code for shipping quote- should be between $4.99 and $5.99 if you are in the continental United States. (Feb. 2019).


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