Hitachi TRK-2070h - BOOMBOX GHETTO BLASTER cassette/radio


For Sale: Boombox works to some extent but needs new belt or belts for the cassette section.

Radio works well with good reception and sound quality on AM and FM stereo. Tapes will play but usually one reel will not turn causing loose tape buildup inside the unit. While playing sound quality was good and speed sounded correct.

Does not show a lot of wear. 4 speaker system with two woofers/two tweeters. Built in microphones plus 1/8" jacks for external microphones. Stereo/mono FM switch on back.AC/DC switch on back.Straight original antenna.

Buy for your collection today!

Please email for additional/higher resolution photos.

Send me your zip code for shipping quote- should be between $8.99 and $14.99 if you are in the continental US. (November 2015).


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