Horita II model TCW-50 - TIME CODE WEDGE - PS2 adapter SMPTE

Price :

For Sale: Tested and working unit.

Tested and working correctly- inserts characters into text files on a Windows XP computer. Power light is good and all switches tested good. Mint or near mint shape. Includes AT to PS2 and PS2 to AT adapters.

Info from the Horita website:

The HORITA TCW-50 Time Code Wedge™ reads SMPTE LTC time code and sends the information to the PC as though it were typed in at the keyboard. The TCW-50 connects between the PC and keyboard, and is intended for applications requiring direct input of time code values into user software programs. Because there is no "wedge" PC software involved, the TCW-50 is compatible with any computer, computer system, or software program, regardless of whether the system is operating under DOS, WINDOWS, UNIX, etc. The only requirement is an IBM PC or compatible type of keyboard.

  • Separate pushbutton switches for sending time code or user bit values to the PC and for clearing previous entries

  • Switch selectable delimiters for: field separator, drop frame indicator, and end of line terminator

  • "Learn mode" allows user to define special keyboard "hot keys" that cause the TCW-50 to automatically send time code or user bit values to the PC

  • Outputs 2 volt P-P reshaped time code for passing to other units

  • Bypass switch places TCW-50 into active or bypass mode

  • Powered through keyboard cable

Please email for additional/higher resolution photos.

Email your zip code for shipping cost - should be between $5.99 and $7.99 if you are in the continental USA (listed July 2014).


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