Dual 1215S - TURNTABLE -record player w/Shure Premier cart 1215


For Sale: Tested and working classic turntable.

This comes with a Shure Premier phono cart and an original Shure EJ T2 stylus. Sound quality is good with no skipping or hum.

This is a fully automatic turntable and all the features are working correctly. To play an album you just select the record speed and size and move the lever to start. The tonearm raises up, moves to the first track, lowers, and album plays. At the end of record the tonearm automatically raises up, returns to holder, lowers, and powers off. Works reliable.  All three speeds are good,  pitch control is working, speed sounds correct.

The anti skate control is working however the dial on top does not adjust correctly as the white plastic cam appears to be slipping or is cracked. To adjust anti skating you have to access the cam from the bottom and turn it manually. Since for me anti skating is "set it and forget it" it's not an issue.

Dust cover has minor wear but no apparent chips or scratches. There are no hinges. Base has minor wear, chassis is clean and in pretty nice shape. RCA interconnects are newer replacements.

Video taken to demo working condition here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ygg07-Hs0i8

Additional high resolution photos are available by request.

Email me your zip code and your city for a shipping quote- should be between $12.99 and $29.99 if you live in the USA (June 2022).


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