Pioneer PL-S40 - DIRECT DRIVE TURNTABLE - w/Shure cart & stylus


For Sale:Nice classic Japanese made turntable in extra clean condition. Made around 1983.

Includes high quality Shure Presence phono cartridge with a genuine Shure stylus/needle in good condition. Sound quality is excellent with no hum, static, distortion, or skipping. Good bass and good treble. This is a semi automatic turntable which means to play an album you move the tonearm over to the first track you want to play and the platter automatically starts turning. Then you press the cuing bar and the tonearm gently drops and the album starts to play. At the end of the record the tonearm raises up, returns to holder, lowers, and the table powers off. Works reliably every time.

Since this is direct drive and has quartz speed lock the speed is dead on correct- no need to calibrate or set pitch controls. And no belt to wear out.

Turntable shows very very little wear. The dust cover is in good shape with a few small scuffs on top that can be buffed out if you want. Hinges are good and the cover stays open when lifted.

Here is video taken to demonstrate work condition:

Additional higher resolution photos available on request.

Send your zip code and city for a ship quote- should be between $12.99 and $24.99 if you are in the continental USA. (Jan. 2023).


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