Musicom - 4 CHANNEL POWER AMPLIFIER - for stereo, PA, studio,++


For Sale:  Tested and working 2U rack mount 4 channel audio amplifier formerly used in a $30,000 church organ system.

The front is marked "4 x 75W into 8 ohms, 4 x 120W into 4 ohms, 240W into 8 ohms bridged"  There are two buttons that will turn on/off the green LED lights below them marked "4 CHAN and MUTED.  Below that is a diagram marked 1, 2, 3, 4, BRIDGED. The only inputs I checked were Input A which is an 8 pin female jack- the male plug is included attached to a cable with 4 RCA jacks carefully spliced on and covered with heat shrink tubing.

All four channels checked individually and all work great with crisp, clean sound quality and no hum or distortion when connected to my Kenwood preamplifier. Very powerful. I am not sure how exactly to connect for bridging or exactly how the two front buttons are supposed to work but if you need to use in Bridged mode you should be able to figure it out with some trial and error. The last photo shows how the amps connected to the organ- only the A input was used for each one.

The amp was made in 1999 and the components are high quality with a large round power transformer. I think they were made in the UK but have had difficulty tracking down more info. Did find Musicom in the UK makes/made organs and audio systems for churches and seem to still be in business today.  You need to use this amplifier with a preamp or some components that will allow you to adjust the volume because if you hooked right up to the line output of a CD player (for example) it would be way way too loud.  With my Kenwood preamp and using a set of high end bookshelf speakers I was afraid to put the volume up past around 4 because it was getting too loud at that point and I was concerned about blowing the speakers.

Additional higher resolution photos are available, contact for more info.

Email me your zip code and city for ship quote- should be between $11.99 and $28.99 if you are in the USA. (Nov. 2021).


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