Dual 1226 - TURNTABLE CHASSIS -record player, lots of good parts


For Sale:  This Dual table was complete and working great with one excpetion- it would not move the tonearm to the first track when Start was activated,-would move about 1/4" before start of album and drop.

Everything else was good including auto return and shutoff at the end of the record. Worked reliably, very very nice condition.

In trying to fix and track down the problem I gradually made everything worse. Once or twice I got tonearm to drop correctly. When last tested the tonearm wasn't really moving at all although auto return and shutoff was still fine when started manually.

Gotta love these Duals...

Parting it out now. This listing is ONLY for the chassis as shown- no platter, no counterweight, no headshell sled, etc.

Additional higher resolution photos available on request.

Send your zip code & city for a shipping estimate- should be between $9.99 and $17.99 if you are in the US. (Dec. 2022).


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