ADC model LT34 - TURNTABLE PARTS - linear tracking, working but


For Sale: Please note that that pirce of the entire unit is NOT $6.

Check the photos, see what is available and condition, then email me your want list as well as zip code/city. I will quote you the good price.

When I got this was not working because the internal mechanism that moves the tonearm was gooped up with dried grease. I carefully removed all the goop and re-lubricated. Everything seemed to be working correctly and with my test cartridge and needle sound quality was excellent.  The Start button, FW, RV, and reject were all working correctly Auto return and auto shutoff working correctly. Tonearm lowered gently. No skipping, no hum.

Problem was the belt I was using was wrong size so would take a little while to get up to speed. And ended up using the cartridge with another turntable. So this is getting sold as-is for parts, restoration, etc.

Additional higher resolution photos may be available, contact for details.

Email me your zip code and city and wish list for a quote. (August 2020).


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