Allison AL120 - FLOOR STEREO SPEAKERS - made in USA. al 120

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For Sale: Offering a rare set of audiophile legends.

Made in USA probably 1990's with retail price of $600. Matching serial numbers, all original, good sound quality, no issues. All 6 drivers are in good shape with intact surrounds, cones have no rips, tears, holes, or voice coil rub. Tweeter domes are protected behind screens and are in mint shape, excellent sound. Cabs show some minor cosmetic wear, small scratches, not bad though. Grills intact with no damage, very little wear. Approx. 24" x 11 " x 11.5". Built in mini risers with original feet.

The surrounds on the center driver feel a bit soft to the touch but no tears or issues. Visual inspection of the reverse mounted drivers surrounds shows they appear to be in good shape.

Tested at all volume levels- no distortion, no issues. Distinctive sound quality and the more I listened to them the more I liked them.

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Specs from the world wide web:

Walnut cabinet - Push-pull Dual 6" Woofers Acoustically in phase, - Electronically/Magnetically out of phase - Allison Convex Diaphragm 1" Tweeter with Ferrofluid Cooling/Damping Material - Crossover Frequencies: 100Hz, 2000Hz - Impedance: 6 Ohms - Sensitivity,SPL: 90dB - Amplifier Power: 15-200 Watts - Dimensions: 23"H x 11"Wx 11"D, 33 lbs each

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