Sega Master System SMS - VIDEO GAME SYSTEM -w/8 boxed games, gun

Price :

For Sale:  Extra nice condition classic original Sega Master System. Just cleaned and tested, working excellent, no issues.

The console is one of the nicest have come across- very clean. Includes one original SMS controller, one generic controller in mint shape, Phaser light gun, original Sega RF video adapter, and original Sega power supply.

The 8 games are on 7 cartridges are all complete with instruction manuals. They include:

 - Shooting Gallery

 - Hang On & Safari Hunt (on one cartridge)

 - Choplifer

 - After Burner

 - Out Run

 - Pro Wrestling

 - Great Baseball

Email if you want to view additional/higher resolution photos.

Email me your zip code for a shipping cost estimate - should be between $10.99 and $19.99 if you're located in the continental USA.  (November 2019).


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