Ampeg VT-22 V4 1970's - TUBE GUITAR AMPLIFIER - 100 watt, 2x12"


For Sale: Legendary 70's USA made Ampeg tube amp in excellent working condition. Rated 100 watt RMS. Local pickup only.

"Like a Fender Twin on steroids..."

Here is the tube complement (info found online, should be correct but check):

  • 7027A Power Tube, 4 pc
  • 12DW7 Preamp Tube, 1pc.
  • 12AX7 Preamp Tube, 3pc
  • 12AU7 Driver Tube, 1pc.
  • 6k11 Preamp Tube, 1pc.
  • 6CG7  Reverb Driver Tube, 1pc.

Have played this for about 20 hours over last couple weeks (June 2022) and no issues. Excellent tone, can get EXTREMELY loud, all controls working, no static or hum. Good power light and standby light. The speakers are square magnet Eminence 12" and are probably original to the amp. Cones have no rips or holes. If you turn this up it will pretty much damage your hearing if you are standing right in front of it. Really like the spring reverb- more so on this amp than any other have owned. Meaty bass, great clean sound. The distortion channel works OK but you are better off using a pedal.

There is a lot of info available on this amp online but basically this is one people either love or hate, and usually what they hate about it is the weight. Have made a custom dolly with very high quality ball bearing mounted wheels to transport it around, works great and the amp won't slide off. Have read that it's not difficult to change the 7027A power tubes to other power output tubes (some may be "plug n play) but do your own research.

The faceplate got cut down at some point in it's life where the input jacks are- doesn't look bad- if the cut were trimmed with a razor knife or something to be square it would be hard to tell it didn't come from the factory looking like this. Hey - it's unique! The grill has some fabric wear but is solid. The is a tab to push in to lock the reverb springs for transport but it doesn't want to push in and I don't feel like forcing it or pulling the chassis out to see what is stuck. Tolex doesn't show a lot of wear. Can use some cleanup.

Additional high resolution photos are available by request.

Too big to ship - local pickup only 08610 zip code. Sorry. (June 2022).


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