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Blaupunkt Verona- DETROITER STEREO CONSOLE - w/PE 66 turntable

For Sale: Unrestored and untampered with vintage 1960's vacuum tube powered Blaupunkt-Super Verona "Detroiter" stereo console No. 10103 ... more info
Bogen CT-100c - AUDIO AMPLIFIER & MIXER - w/10 band equalizer

For Sale: Commercial quality combo mixer and amplifier formerly used in a small church. Working 100%- good sound quality, no static, no hum, no ... more info
Bose Interaudio 4000 - STEREO SPEAKERS - 100 watt, 10" woofers

For Sale: Set of Classic Bose/Interaudio mid size speaker in good condition. Excellent sound quality with no distortion or issues. All four drivers ... more info
Infinity Reference 2000.3 - STEREO SPEAKERS -15-125 watts, 2 way

For Sale: Great sounding set of Infinity bookshelf size speakers. These are the best sounding of the current lot of speakers I just listed. All ... more info
Joule Sous Vide by ChefSteps - IMMERSION COOKER HEATER - mint

For Sale: Fully tested and working immersion cooker hot water heater that uses a free bluetooth app to set timers, water temperature, send alerts, ... more info
Kenner 1978 Star Wars - LAND SPEEDER - vehicle, in nice shape

For Sale: Genuine vintage Star Wars toy in good shape. No broken or missing parts are aparent. Nice and clean. Rolls smoothly. Made in the USA. ... more info
Kenner Star Wars Empire Strikes Back - MILLENNIUM FALCON - w/box

For Sale: Vintage original Kenner toy from around 1980. The spaceship does not show a lot of wear and is pretty clean. See photos for details. The ... more info
Lego 21147 - MINECRAFT: THE BEDROCK ADVENTURES - new sealed box

For Sale: Brand new in factory sealed box. If there is any wear on the box I can't find it- looks to be in mint shape. 644 pieces, recommended ... more info
Logitech Performance MX - WIRELESS MOUSE - w/Unifying USB, mint

For Sale: Tested and working high quality wireless mouse model 910-001105 with original box. For PC or Mac. This model comes with a user replaceable ... more info
Magnavox FD2040 - AUDIOPHILE CD PLAYER - made in Belgium 1985

For Sale: Classic early European CD player shows very little wear and is working perfectly. Model FD2040SL12 made September 1985 in Belgium. Tray ... more info


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