Sportsways 1960's - WATERLUNG HYDRO TWIN scuba diving regulator


For Sale: Vintage scuba diving air regulator probably made around 1963. Unknown condition, sold as is.

The foil label is in poor shape, otherwise no visible damage or issues. Includes Dacor pressure gauge as shown.  This is a pretty rare piece of scuba history.

WATRELUNG HYDRO-TWIN (manufactured 1963)

The first stage for the HydroTwin was the same as that of the Dual Air, with the exception of the safety pressure relief valve that was no longer needed. The second-stage portion of the regulator used a downstream assembly rather than the up-stream tilt valve, therefore eliminating the need for the relief valve. That low-pressure port now came with a removable plug, making it available for other low-pressure service uses. The case, exhaust valve, cover and clamp were the same as the first model Dual Air. The hoses, mouthpiece and clamps were also unchanged. The label was metal foil glued to the cover, but this time the color was dark blue and stated WATERLUNG HYDRO-TWIN. Serial numbers begin with H (for Hydro) and to date I have been able to verify numbers from H-00052 to H-00495. This equates to only 443 confirmed with a probable amount of less than 1 ,000 actually manufactured. This number is very low in part because halfway through the year Sportsways was already making plans to replace the first stage. There is an advertisement in the May 1963 issue of Skin Diver Magazine promoting the new Hydro-Twin II.

More higher resolution photos are available on request. 

Send city and zip code for a ship quote- should be between $7.99 and $13.99 if you are located in the United States. (Dec. 2023). 


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