International Customers

Customers outside the USA are welcome however since I don't use any online payments you will probably find it inconvenient to get me payment. I do not use PayPal, credit cards, bank transfer, etc.

It's important to note that shipping any item outside the US has become very expensive lately with many costs more than doubling just over the last few years. The least expensive option for light items is almost always US First Class Mail International Parcel and that starts around $13.00. This includes Canada. I charge the actual cost of shipping plus $1.00 and get a discount on shipping.

Please DO NOT PURCHASE any item on my website before you have figured out how you will send payment and how much shipping will cost. Over 90% of people outside the US who buy items from me never send payment for one reason or another and this wastes my time and their time.

From outside the USA a good way to send payment may be MoneyGram. Western Union Money Transfer is another good option. Make sure these options are available in your home country. Usually you would go to your local branch and give them the money then send me the transfer details, you may also be able to use their websites.

If you are able to pay with a check or money order that is drawn on a US bank that is probably the best option. Some people have friends or relatives living in the US send payment then reimburse them. Most larger banks have relationships with banks in the US so you can probably go to them and purchase a US dollar check, however it may be expensive and you will also probably have to listen to them lecture you.

Want to get a better idea how much your international shipping will cost? Go to and enter my zip code (08629), your home country, estimate the weight and size of package- and you will get a pretty good idea how much it will cost you. 


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