Unlike most internet sellers EdsGoodStuff does NOT use online payments.  The reason for this is because I want to keep things manageable and low stress- and this is the way that works best for me.

If you use personal checks then that is the safest and most efficient way to send payment.

money order is also fine and will speed things up, You can purchase money orders at almost any convenience store or check cashing place.  All US Post Offices sell USPS Money Orders.

Services like MoneyGram, Western Union Money Transfer, Walmart Money Transfer, and probably a few others are also fine. Usually you would go to a local branch and give them the money, email me the transfer details, and I will pick up within a day or two. You may also be able to do the transfer on their website using a bank account or credit card. I don't recommend these methods UNLESS you are outside the USA and don't have access to other methods.

For local pickup cash only is accepted. Sending cash though the mail is definitely not recommended. That being said I have received cash at my PO box many times over the years and never had a single issue. If you choose to send cash it is entirely at your own risk but you can lower that risk by sending registered or certified so it will have to be signed for at the post office. For low value items I can understand why this is a reasonable option for some people, for higher value items you are strongly discouraged from sending cash.


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