Ampex 950 - REEL TO REEL TAPE DECK -all tube 1950's, tested good


For Sale:  Tested and working late 1950's reel to reel in nice shape.

Looks pretty much identical to the Ampex 1260 which was made a few years later. Same control set up, slightly different design near the power input, audio output with the addition of fuse holder in the newer model.  The 950 has a definite "50's" look while the 1260 has entered the future.  Also looks similar to the Ampex 960, not sure exactly what the differences are.

Here is YouTube video demoing working condition:

Pretty clean, shows very little wear, good sound quality, no known issues. In addition to the other tubes it has four matching 1960 Raytheon/Baldwin 12AU7 tubes and 5 matched 1961 Sylvania/Baldwin 12AX7 tubes.

Heads and tape path cleaned and demagnetized 10/2023. Works well on Play, FF, RW. Record not tested but I would expect it to work correctly as well.  Meter backlight is working. Tape counter is working, All controls appear to be working correctly, no issues. No hum or distortion. Original power cord is in good shape. Includes take up reel and the 1/4" to RCA patch cables that were with it when found. Probably can use a going over, maybe some lubrication, detailing, etc. but shouldn't be absolutely necessary.

This was part of a large 50's home console and the well made wood case was a pull out drawer in the console, if you don't need it you will save a bit on ship cost.

Additional and/or high resolution photos are available on request. 

Send your zip code and city for a shipping quote - should be between $15.99 and $34.99 if you are located in the continental United States. (Nov. 2023). 


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