Vox 9-3700 STEREO FUZZ WAH PEDAL - from the 1970's- working well


For Sale: Hard to find vintage stereo wah pedal in pretty nice shape.

Made for Vox by the Thomas Organ Company probably early to mid 1970's. Not an expert on wah wah pedals but tested out as carefully as possible and found no issues. Took YouTube videos of it in operation to show working condition, will share on request. First checked with one amp hooked up to the top jack- wah is working, on/off wah switch works, on/off distortion switch is working. Hooked up second amp and the wah effect spreads out over both- sounds great. Lastly plugged a single amp into the bottom jack and the pedal acts as a volume control. Clean or distortion works in this mode too.

No apparent damage, nice paint and chrome, looks all original with the exception of one of the 4 bottom feet and screw definitely not the same as the others. You can probably use this as-is but might benefit from a little tweeking/adjustment, cleaning, etc.

Additional high resolution photos are available by request.

Email me your zip code and your city for a shipping quote- should be between $8.99 and $15.99 if you live in the USA (June 2022).


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