Yamaha Rydeen DRUM SET drums, with upgrades, throne, Tama pedal


For Sale: Local pickup 08610 zip code central NJ only.

No cymbals.

All but two of the heads are newer replacements and appear to be better quality. The two original Yamaha bottom heads are made by Remo and are in good shape. The bass drum has a Aquarian ported head on the front and an Evans GMAD head on the back- both are excellent condition, there is also some kind of foam ring type thing around the perimeter of the head on the back, see photos. It's also in good shape. So that's about $70 or so of upgrades just to the bass drum... The other heads are Evans Level 360, Remo Weatherking Controlled Sound. The three toms, snare, and bass drum are all the original Yamaha Rydeen and are probably "Burgundy Wine" color. Not much wear. I did not see any damage or missing hardware. The snare stand and two hardware pieces that hold the toms onto the bass drum are the original Yamahas as are the floor tom legs. All complete and in good shape.

The bass drum pedal is made by Tama and it looks to be good quality, works great, probably an upgrade over the original Yamaha pedal. The high hat stand is made by Yamaha but it's probably a decade or two older than the rest of the set and it's very well made- heavy duty legs and construction. It's in good shape and comes with the top pieces you need to secure the cymbals. The throne probably came with the set- it seems to be on the short side to me and the previous owner drilled an extra hole in the shaft to make it an inch or two higher. It's in good shape.

These drums almost certainly need a tuning- the head on the floor tom was loose and sounded poor so I tightened it up a little, now sounds 200% better but still needs to be tuned up.

If needed I have a set of vintage 14" Ludwig Paiste Standard Hi Hat cymbals can include for $45 additional if you buy the set, or a set of Zildjian ZBT 13" that show cosmetic wear but are in good shape, $50 if you buy with the set

Additional high resolution photos are available by request.



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