Large lot of 1950's MAGIC TRICKS, novelties, cards, w/boxes/inst


Offered are a bunch of vintage magic tricks.  One box is marked 1951 so assume all are from that time period  Most include very worn boxes and instructions, some do not.  Most complete, some may be missing parts.  All sold as is.   

Included are the "Penetration Frame" complete with box and cover and instructions.  There is a crack in the clear plastic but should still be usable.  The Mysterious Tantulus Vase with box and instructions- vase looks to be in nice shape and usable.  Boozo the discriminating drunk with box and drink- offer him the drink upside down and he will turn his back on you, offer him the right way and he will turn around and open his mouth!!! Works correctly, shows some wear.  The Hypnotic Block, Kenard's Nu-Die Mystery, Phantom Block, Devil Wand, Bingo Shooting Mechanism, Royal Wonder Blocks, Cigarette Vanisher, Card Magic deck of cards. and a bunch more.  Neat stuff for the collector.

Email your zip code for ship cost - should be between $5.99 and $8.99 if you are in the continental US (listed May, 2013).

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