Fisher / BSR 203-XA Stereo Turntable record player, working well


For Sale:  Tested and working Fisher fully automatic record changer with both multi-play and single play spindles. Also includes a 45 RPM Adapter. The phono cartridge is a good quality ADC QLM 30 Mk III and the original stylus sounds excellent. No skipping or hum, full range with good bass and treble.  This was made by BSR in Great Britain, model looks to be C173.A1 HE4877/616 S13 W L10 or something like that.

All the features are working correctly. With the multi-play spindle in place you can stack a couple LPs up and press the On lever and the platter will spin up, the tonearm will move to the first track, gently lower, and play. At the end of the album the tonearm will return, second record will drop, and the process repeats- records will play one after the other. When the last one has played the tonearm will return to the holder, lower, and the table will power off. Works correctly every time.

The record size feature works correctly- will move tonearm to the correct spot for 12", 10", and 7" (45RPM) records.

The speeds sound dead on correct for 33 and 45 records. Can also play 78 RPM records.

This turntable has a pretty unique tonearm and to adjust stylus pressure you move a weight in the middle of the tonearm instead of the usually round counterweight. This MAY have been missing a weight on the end because I could not get it to zero out so I added the metal bolt, some washers, and other parts which will fit in the end of the tonearm where the usual adjustable counterweight goes. The assembly stays in place if you just push in but you may prefer to glue it or make your own nicer weight. It's not really noticeable when in use at all.  It actually sounded fine without the homemade end weight but I couldn't tell how much pressure the tonearm was putting on the stylus without it.

Some minor cosmetic wear but not bad. Dust cover has no apparent chips or cracks. Pretty clean.  It didn't need it but I put a little bit of oil and lithium grease on the appropriate parts just in case.  The single play spindle is not original but is metal (original was plastic) and works fine, a little bit longer than original.

Video taken to demo working condition:

Additional high resolution photos available, contact for details.

Email me your zip code and city for ship quote- should be between $11.99 and $23.99 if you are in the lower 48 USA states. (April 2021).

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