1960's Motorola STEREO TUBE AMPLIFIER + tuner w/4 EL84 - tested!


For Sale: Tested and working STEREO tube amp/tuber chassis removed from a Motorola "Stereophonic Masterpiece" floor console probably made in the mid 1960's.  

This unit uses four EL84 tubes and two 12ax7a tubes on the amplifier chassis.  On the tuner/preamplifier chassis there are two 12ax7a tubes and all the other various radio tubes. When I got this it sounded good but only worked on one channel.  One of the original EL84 tubes was obviously bad so I replaced it and also one of the 12ax7a tubes on the tuner chassis- and then both channels were working again..   Hooked up a CD player to the "tape" input on the tuner section and it sound quality was excellent- crisp treble and good bass.  All controls well including loudness, bass, treble, balance, and selector.  Magic Eye tuner tube made in Holland, working but did not seem that bright. Both dial light lamps are working and one of the two power light lamps are working- usually a sign that the system was not used a whole lot...  Pretty good reception on both AM and FM radio.  Cosmetic condition is good except for some paint scrapes on the front bezel near the balance and the Mon/Stereo switches.   Also the tip of plastic for Mon/Stereo is broken off.   The black paint on metal behind backglass has just a little oxidation in one spot but should be easy to restore if you want, not really that visible when backglass is in place. Tuner backglass is in nice condition, all knobs are included and are original, AM and FM antennas are included, and included the hardware that held the backglass into the cabinet.   

3 of the EL84's are the originals and made in Holland/marked Motorola, one is RCA brand.  Except for the one 12ax7a I replaced rest of tubes are also likely original.   This powered two three way speaker sets and a 15" Jensen speaker (available in separate listings) which had it's own output on side.   I assume the 15" output is mono.  All speakers worked and sounded great, no distortion or hum.  System also has inputs for record player and power hookup for the record player.

Email for additional/higher resolution photos.

Send your zip code for ship cost - should be between $14.99 and $39.99 if you are in the continental USA (listed Nov. 2013).


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