Fisher 460-A - TUBE AMPLIFIER - stereo chassis w/4 6BQ5 EL84 tubes, works well


For Sale:  Early 1960's stereo tube power amplifier removed from a Fisher Chadwick floor console made around 1962. The console featured a Garrard record changer, an all tube AM/FM stereo tuner/preamplifier, and built in three way speakers.

Here is YouTube video taken to demo working condition:

Checked carefully by connecting a CD player and preamp directly to the RCA inputs with the amp still wired up in the console. The sound quality was quite good- full range with clear highs and solid bass on both channels. Didn't hear any hum or distortion at all and could get pretty loud using the console's built in speakers.

All tubes are included and consist of a matched quad of vintage US made Sylvania 6BQ5 marked Baldwin ASZ 312 626, a tube marked Fisher Made in Great Britain 7247 (Mullard), and a Daltronix 7247 tube. The power tubes were probably made in 1966.

IMPORTANT NOTE: this amp was designed to be used in tandem with the matching Fisher radio chassis and preamplifier. You are almost certainly going to have to do some electrical conversion if you want to use as a stand alone power amp without the rest of the original Fisher console circuitry. There is an online tutorial video that details exactly how to do this just search for "Fisher 460A, blueglow" on YouTube. As with all 60+ year old audio equipment it's a good idea to replace certain capacitors, check resistors, check bias, etc. and the video tutorial covers that as well.

Other parts from the console also available including the multiplex adapter, tuner preamp chassis, speakers, knobs, etc. Email for more info.

Additional and higher resolution photos are available on request.

Email or message me for a ship quote - it should be between $9.99 and $21.99 if you in the continental United States of America. (June 2024). 

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