BIC model 940 - STEREO TURNTABLE - w/Shure M91ED & new needle

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For Sale: Tested and working very nice condition classic stereo turntable. Made in the USA probably 1970's. Includes brand new needle, original Owner's Manual, and some misc. paperwork.

I serviced, cleaned, and lubed this according to very detailed YouTube instructional videos. Fresh damping fluid has been applied to the tonearm assembly so it lowers slowly and smoothly when cuing lever is switched. All features are currently working great. Includes single play spindle, did not get a multi play spindle with this but you can pick them up online.

To play an album you set the number of repeat cycles and press the start lever. The tonearm raises, moves over to the first track, lowers, and album plays. At the end of the album the tonearm raises, moves back to holder, and depending on the number of repeats left either replays or lowers, and powers off. Works reliably every time.

Dust cover has good hinges and no chips/cracks. Overall the player is in extra nice clean condition with very little wear. Complete and all original. Correct belt installed. Speed sounds correct on both 33 and 45 RPM. Size selector works correctly and tonearm drops in correct place for both LPs and 45s.

The cartridge is a classic Shure M91ED with brand new (less than 5 minutes play/test time) stylus/needle. When you need a another replacement needle they are readily available online probably $10-$15 with shipping included.

Took a demo video to show working condition see it here:    

Email for additional and/or higher resolution images.

Email your zip code for a ship quote- should be between $12.99 and $27.99 if you are in continental USA. (August. 2018).


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