HP DL380 G5 - COMPUTER SERVER -22GB RAM, Xeon E5430 8 core, 3HDs

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For Sale:  This is a tested and working commercial rack mount server 5th Generation Hewlett Packard Proliant DL 380.

It's working very well with 2 minor issues: one of the two power supplies is not working. You only need one to use, the second is supposed to be for redundancy. And there is no cache battery for the RAID card which means in case of a power outage you will lose whatever data was in your RAM cache- not a big deal for a home lab setup. At one point I was using four AA size NiMh batteries in a homemade battery holder for the cache battery but it did not seem to make any difference at all in performance. You can get a replacement battery online inexpensivly

- Two Intel Xeon E5430 CPUs, 2.66GHz,12MB L2 cache. 4 cores each, 8 cores total
- 22GB ECC server RAM
- three 146GB SAS 2.5" hard drives, hot swappable (holds up to 8 hard drives)
- DVD ROM drive, tested good
- 2 gigabit ethernet ports
- ILO Integrated Lights Out ethernet port
- dual VGA ports, USB ports, PS/2 for keyboard and mouse, etc.

Server currently has two of the hard drives set up in RAID 1 and the third one is set as a hot spare. Can hold up to 8 2.5" hard drives, can use either SATA or SAS. The HP customized version of Vmware ESXi hypervisor 6.0 is installed on the server and is working well. There are currently 6 virtual machines installed for evaluation: 

- Windows 7 Pro
- Ubuntu 18.04 Desktop
- Windows XP
- Windows 95 (not working well, needs configuration)
- OwnCloud Turnkey version
- Windows 2008 R2 Server

Fans are not very loud after boot up but are bit louder than a normal desktop computer. ILO2 is working correctly. This is great for learning virtualization, LINUX server admin, Docker, web design, hosting, etc. etc. Might be good for CPU intensive tasks like video conversion that can utilize all 8 CPU cores and all the RAM. If you want to add more SAS hard drives the 146GB ones are very inexpensive and 300+GB drives can also be found inexpensively.

Faster Xeon CPUs are very inexpensive for this model and more RAM is also inexpensive.

Some minor wear, not bad.

Email for additional and/or higher rez photos.

Send your zipcode for a ship quote- should be between $15.99 and $42.99 if you are in the lower 48 US states. (Sept. 2019).


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