Marantz 6370Q audiophile TURNTABLE -w/Shure M70 cart, new stylus

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For Sale: This is a fully tested and working perfectly Japanese made flagship Marantz direct drive semi-automatic stereo turntable.

Not quite mint but quite nice condition and clean. It's all original except the four matching feet which came from another well made Japanese turntable from around the same time period this one was made. Includes the factory Marantz headshell and original Marantz 45 RPM adapter. Dust cover has no apparent chips or cracks, has good hinges. If you look at the center of the dust cover around the logo with just the right angle of light on it you can see some kind of pressure marks in the plastic, usually not visible at all and causes no issues. See last photo for details on this with the light coming from the required angle.

I just purchased a new Pfanstiehl elliptical diamond stylus (made in Switzerland) for this and here is video taken during testing:  The stylus has less than 5 minutes play time on it and when testing was done was put back in the package for safekeeping.

This is semi automatic turntable record player which means to play an album you first press the power button. The VFD display will begin flashing either 33 or 45 until you move the tonearm over to the first track you want to play. The platter will automatically spin up and once it reaches speed the flashing will stop and it will say "33.33 RPM +/- 0.0%". You then press the Down button gently and the tonearm lowers and track starts playing. You can use the pitch control buttons to raise or lower the pitch or the RPM/% switch to change the display. The record will play until the end of the album at which point the tonearm will automatically raise up, return to the holder, and the platter will stop spinning. You can also push the Reject button to return the tonearm and stop the platter. The Cue Up / Down soft touch buttons are motorized. The Auto / Manual button changes from semi auto mode to full manual where there is no autoreturn at the end of the record.    

Additional hi rez photos are available by request.   

Email me your zip code and your city for a shipping quote- should be between $18.99 and $39.99 if you live in the USA (June 2022).


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