Multivox 700 - ELECTRIC CHORD ORGAN - 1950's reed type, works!

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For Sale: Fully tested and working electric blower powered reed organ in excellent condition. Made in Italy probably in the 1950's or 1960's.

This thing can get pretty loud and it always sounds very sweet at any volume level. It works by forcing air through internal metal reeds similar to the way an accordion works but with it's own unique pleasant and resonant tone. You can play full major, minor, 7th, chords and bass notes with a single button press- the chord section has it's own reed assembly so it adds a special kind of imaging when playing accompaniment.

Check online for YouTube demo videos of people playing this organ- IMO the best one is "Jam Session #19". I also took a YouTube video to demo working condition, will share on request.

All the keys and chord buttons are working correctly. All have good tone. The blower fan motor is not loud at all. Cosmetically this is in pretty nice but not mint shape. It comes with it's original four metal removable legs- I've seen this organ before but the legs are always missing.

There is a Loud/Soft switch which works correctly. There is a volume control on the bottom that is operated by the players knee but I just keep it snapped into place at full volume. All the volume controls do is lessen the power of the airflow to the reeds making for quieter notes.

The organ was made in Italy and the bottom label says Model 700 Multivox Corporation of America.. There is a front badge that says Beltone and I've seen the same organ with different brand names on the front, am pretty sure they are all the same model made by the same company in Italy. Don't know what the Italian company name is.

Additional and/or higher resolution photos may be available on request.. 

Send your zip code and city for a ship quote- should be between $14.99 and $49.99 if you are located in USA.  (May 2023). 


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