New - XCAM2 - wireless HD security camera, Xfinity or standalone

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For Sale: This wireless 1080p HD IP camera and power supply is in mint shape and as far as I know has never been used except for testing by me. The clear plastic protective film is still in place over the camera and XW4-SC power adapter.

Model SCHC2AEW XCam2 for Xfinity BUT can easily be used as a standalone camera or with your own software- without Infinity. With any computer browser you can view the video feed just by linking it to your home router and typing in the IP address (for example Can also be used as a full fledged recording, monitoring, alarm, motion detection, email alerts, internet access, etc system by using free software like ZoneAlert or Ispy just google them for more info.

Weatherproof and OK for outdoor installation in area that is shielded from direct sun and rain. Has a microphone and I believe a built in speaker for talkback . If you don't want to use the wireless connection I think you can connect to your system with the ethernet cable but you will need to supply power to the camera using POE/Power Over Ethernet.

I followed instructions found online using the WPS button on my router to connect the camera wirelessly and it was simple. To access some of the internal settings on the camera you may need to connect it via ethernet cable using a Y adapter cable to your router as I wasn't able to change setting of the camera when connected wirelessly, but I did not try that hard since it was working fine for me.

Additional higher resolution photos are available, contact for more info.

Email me your zip code and city for ship quote- should be between $6.99 and $8.99 if you are in the USA. (Nov. 2021).


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