PixelVision PXL2000 - CASSETTE TAPE VIDEO RECORDER - b&w, tested

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For Sale: Tested and working Pixel Vision black and white video recorder.

See link below for a demo video of this being tested. Note that the black "scan lines" shown on the CRT monitor are not visible in person and are due to a combination of the digital camera I used to record the playback and the refresh rate of the TV.  There is one mis-firing pixel that can be seen in the video.

Include original camera/TV switch, coax adapter, and cable. Runs on AA batteries or AC adapter, not included. Camera is clean and in nice condition. All controls working correctly- FF, Play, record, trigger, etc. The video and audio quality are as expected- which is grainy, black and white only, lots of video noise. Tape head has been cleaned and demagnetized.

Video of the camera playing back just recorded images of a keyboard and a reggae album: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1RwGir9lYeiKweyNrf0sNkqZvzfb1eCek

Email for additional and/or higher resolution images.

Send your zip code for ship quote- should be between $7.99 and $14.99 if you are located in the lower 48 US states. (April 2019).


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