Triad Design System Seven - SATELLITE SPEAKERS - Vifa + SEAS

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For Sale: Tested and working pair of legendary audiophile satellite speakers from the $1000 Triad System Seven set.

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These are working 100% and have excellent sound quality even when used without a subwoofer. Tweeter domes have no dings or dents, woofers have rubber surrounds in good shape and the cones have no holes, rips, tears, or voice coil rub.  Tweeter marked Vifa Made in Denmark D26TG-05 06 ohm, 003. The SEAS ScanSpeak Mid/Woofer marked MP14RCY H422 8 ohm, 1/91 Made in Norway.

Only one Triad speaker badge was with these when found. Cabs and grills show very little wear.

I tested these with a JBL Pro subwoofer am selling separately and really really like the way they sound. Obviously would be best used with the matching Triad subwoofer but great results can be had without it. Use for main speakers with the sub of your choice, rear surrounds, side speakers, etc. You will not be disapointed.

The midrange/tweeter module is comprised of two separate enclosures mounted one atop the other on a rubber bushing. The tweeter unit can be swiveled to accommodate different listening axes or direct more treble energy toward the listener if desired. A pair of five-way binding posts is provided on the module's midrange portion. A Scanspeak paper-cone midrange (the same driver reportedly used in the Duntech Black Knight) is coupled with a Vifa V26 soft-dome tweeter. The tweeter's front plate is small and square, rather than round, to fit inside the tweeter enclosure. The tweeter is crossed over at 6dB/octave, while the midrange is filtered at the steeper 12dB/octave slope. No high-pass filter is in the midrange circuit, the rolloff provided instead by the natural acoustical response of the driver below its sealed-box resonance frequency.

Additional high resolution photos available, contact for details.

Email me your zip code and city for a shipping quote - should be between $11.99 and $25.99 if you are in the United States. (November 2020).

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